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Fort Pelican

New York, NY

We make funny

Fort Pelican is a New York City-based team that creates funny videos and short films. We are part production company, part ad agency, and part comedy jungle.

We bring together the best talent from the NYC comedy scene and a top-notch crew to create smart and hilarious content for web sites, brands, networks, etc. We are known for Vooza, a video comic strip about the startup world that has received millions of views and tons of good press.

We're also experienced at creating shortform branded-content. We've made videos for companies like Turkish Airlines, Mailchimp, Ustream, New Relic, and many other brands. Below is a video we made with Turkish Airlines which has received over 1.3 million views on YouTube (and here's a behind the scenes look at the making of this video).


Vooza is our flagship show that pokes fun at the tech world. Forbes: "Comedic genius." The Next Web: "A must watch." Huffington Post: "Hilarious."

Client videos

This is a collection of custom videos that we've created for various clients.

Club Scale

Club Scale is our mockumentary series about the doormen at a fake nightclub in New York City. It stars Dan Soder and Joe List.


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